Income Taxation

Ours is a trusted name in providing accurate Income Taxation services to the clients that include preparation of IT and TDS Returns and Assessment thereon. Income Tax Return filing is compulsory for all the persons whose income is above maximum amount not chargeable to tax. It is required to be filed every year and our experts help you in efficiently filing the income tax without causing any trouble. Due date for the filing of Income Tax return in respect of the assesse liable to Tax audit and bearing status as Company is 30 September and for others Due date in 31st July of every year. Assesses on which provisions of transfer pricing are applicable is liable to file their Income tax return by 30th November of every Year.

In the same manner TDS is also applicable.  All the assessee making payments for different categories of expenses, which are liable to deduction of TDS, need to deduct tax at source and deposit it to government through prescribed challans and they are required to file TDS return in 24Q and 26Q quarterly with the detail of all deductees.

As per Income Tax Act 1961 from section 190 to 207 are to be followed in pursuance of compliance of TDS, which requires a work of perfection and technical knowledge at the ground of utility software. Our highly qualified team of professionals is enriched by all required resources, has ample knowledge of the technicalities attached to it and has the expertise of online working knowledge with Traces and NSDL websites to fulfill the all compliances of our prestigious clients. In case of any proceedings between client and department officials on any matter pertaining to Tax return, we have expertise knowledge in handling of such type of assessment cases as well.

Income Tax & TDS Case handlings
In case of any miss-assessment in between return of income tax and TDS, in view of Tax-Revenue officer that the tax payee owes some tax, the officer demands clarification that requires specific replication and document submission. Income Tax & TDS Case handlings need expertise in the field of case taxation.

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